The Vineyard Team produces a quarterly newsletter including relevant articles relating to the ag community. The newsletter also provides a platform to promote upcoming tailgates and other educational events hosted by the organization and its partners. After reading the publication, you will find regular updates about the Sustainability In Practice (SIP) program and related information on deadlines.

To view the most current newsletter, click on the current year in the left hand navigation and download for your reading enjoyment.


  • 01/07/2016 (January Tailgates; SIP Certified Webinars; Earth Day RFP Due; 2016 Membership Open; Upcoming EcoFarm & AgSafe Conferences; Vineyard Team at Unified )
  • 01/25/2016 (February 23rd Tailgate; New Tailgate Materials Available Online; SIP Certified Receives DPR Award; Vineyard Team Scholarship Accepting Applications; Vineyard Team Members Save at the 2016 AgSafe Conference; Vineyard Team at Unified )
  • 02/18/16 (February and March Tailgates; SIP Materials for Earth Month; Scholarship Sponsorship Opportunities; SIP Certification Documents; Members Save at WiVi; Central Coast Pruning Competition )
  • 03/10/16 (March 22nd Tailgate; Free Owl Boxes for Members; Support College Education; SIP Materials for Earth Month; Irrigation System Evaluations; WiVi Discount Extended)
  • 03/30/16 (April 27th Tailgate; March Tailgate Recap; Earth Day Food & Wine; #DrinkSustainably; SIP Vineyards Standards Documentation; Vintage Nurseries)
  • 04/26/16 (April 27 & May 12 Tailgates; Technical Article; Support College Eduction; #Drink Sustainably; SIP Vineyard Inspections; Free Spray Cards; Helena Chemical Sponsor Highlight )
  • 05/25/16 (June 23rd Tailgate; May Growers' Report; Richard Smart & Food & Water Tailgate Synopses; Expo Exhibitor Registration Open; Schedule SIP Vineyard Inspections; SIP in the Market; Duarte Nursery Highlight )
  • 06/21/16 (Winery Water Tailgate; Member BBQ; Winery Safety Training; Powdery Mildew Spore Detection Technical Article; SAE Exhibitor & Sponsor Registration Open; SIP Vineyard Inspections; Westbridge Member Highlight)
  • 07/13/16 (Member BBQ; July Growers' Report; Long-Time Member Recognition; SIP Vineyard Inspections Due; Highlights from ASEV)
  • 07/27/16 (2016 Scholarship Winners, Technical Article: Berry Shrivel; Expo Program Updates, SIP Certified Wines)
  • 08/11/16 (SIP Certified in Somm Journal; Technical Article: Smoke Taint; Expo: Meet the Economists;Cover Crops and Water Use; Soberanes Fire Fundraiser; AgSafe Pesticide Compliance Webinars )
  • 08/24/16 (RCD Services, SIP Sponsors HMI, Expo: Fungicide Resistance, Article: Powdery Mildew)
  • 09/13/16 (Post-Harvest Vine Recovery; Expo: Meet the Regulators; SIP Certified for your Wines; Visit the New Expo Website)