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Members receive unique benefits and value from joining our organization, in addition to supporting our efforts to represent growers in the community.

Robust Outreach Programs

Membership includes access to content-rich tailgate meetings, podcasts, online educational modules, and continuing education. Members receive deep discounts to the Sustainable Ag Expo, the premier ag event for progressive winegrowers. 

Projects & Grants

Irrigation management grants allow Vineyard Team staff to collect and disseminate information to help growers adopt BMP's that save water and improve grape quality. Members are eligible for complimentary irrigation system evaluations. Membership dollars are critical for us to secure grants because they represent required to match funds.

Industry Representation

Staff continue to represent the industry in a variety of regulatory and community issues. Whether the topic is pesticides, water quality, or groundwater management, we are actively engaged with the groundwater committees, Regional Water Quality Control Boards throughout the state, and other regulatory bodies. Our involvement in these conversations provides honest input about farming practices with the intent to incentivize and reward growers who responsibly manage their resources.

Memberships run on a calendar year cycle: January 1st - December 31st



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