Program Highlights

The 2014 Sustainable Ag Expo will once again be filled with a well rounded program including practical information for growers of all crops. The program will include sessions on soil and plant nutrition, plant diseases, sprayer technologies for vineyards and orchards, root-soil dynamics, irrigating in the drought, and updates in pesticide laws and regulations.
The viticulture sessions include information specific to soil and plant/petiole sampling practices, and interpretation of mineral nutrition reports from soil and plants.  Speakers will highlight water use efficiency measures for vineyards, including the topic of water efficient rootstock and variety selection by Dr. Andrew Walker of UC Davis and root growth dynamics in irrigated vineyards will be covered by Dr. David Smart of UC Davis. A session will also be devoted to soil-borne pests and diseases of grapes and row crops, including a talk on nematodes by Dr. Peter Cousins of E.J. Gallo.
Featured speakers from outside  of California will bring their expertise to the Sustainable Ag Expo in 2014.  The physiology of grapevine nutrition will be covered in detail by Dr. Markus Keller of Washington State University, author of the book The Science of Grapevines. Dr. Joan Davenport, also from Washington State University, will be presenting her most recent work on monitoring grapevine nutrition using new leaf tissue sampling protocols developed in the Pacific Northwest. A session will also be dedicated to advancements in effective vineyard spraying, featuring techniques and technologies by Dr. Andrew Landers of Cornell University, author of the book Effective Vineyard Spraying.
We welcome you to return for updates about speakers and topics for the 2014 Sustainable Ag Expo. Speaker topics below are subject to updating prior to the event.

Up to 10-12 DPR Continuing Education (CE) units applied for and up to 12 CCA CE units.

Program Sessions

(More Coming Soon!)

Understanding Root Zone Dynamics In Perennial Crops

  • Dr. Andy Walker, Professor of Viticulture and Enology and Geneticist, University of California - Davis - Water Efficiency of Rootstocks: Soil and Pest Interactions
  • Dr. Markus Keller, Professor/Chateau Ste. Michelle Distinguished Professor in Viticulture, Washington State University - Grapevine Root Growth Dynamics and Effects of Drought
  • Dr. David Smart, Professor and Plant Physiologist, University of California - Davis - Effects of Management Practices on Grapevine Root Growth

Nutrient Sampling & Interpretation in Plants & Soils

  • Dr. Joan Davenport, Professor and Soil Scientist, Washington State University - Strategies and Standards for Petiole, Leaf Blade and Soil Sampling
  • Dr. Paul Anamosa, Soil Scientist and Viticulturist, Vineyard Soil Technologies - Interpreting Soil Reports: Key Minerals and Physical Properties
  • Dr. Markus Keller, Professor/Chateau Ste. Michelle Distinguished Professor in Viticulture, Washington State University - Physiology of Nutrient Uptake by Vines and Impacts of Irrigation

System Factors Affecting Water and Chemical Application Efficiency

  • Ben Burgoa, Program Engineer, Resource Conservation District of Monterey - Efficient Irrigation Design and Maintenance for Uniform Water and Chemical Application
  • Fritz Westover, Technical Program Manager, Vineyard Team - Using Soil, Plant, and Weather Data for Irrigation Management: Results from Two Paso Robles Area Vineyards
  • Dr. Doug Beck, Vineyards Manager and Technical Advisor, Monterey Pacific, Inc. - Managing Soil and Irrigation for Sustainable Productivity Increases and Water Use Efficiency

Diagnosing and Managing Soil-Borne Pests & Diseases

  • Steven Koike, Plant Pathology Farm Advisor, University of California Cooperative Extension - Diagnosis of Soil-Borne Diseases and Control Through Crop Rotation
  • Dr. Peter Cousins, Research Scientist, E&J Gallo - Nematodes and their Role in Diseases
  • Dr. Joan Davenport, Professor and Soil Scientist, Washington State University - Replant Diseases and Disorders of Grapes

Proactive Strategies for the 2016 Ag Water Quality Order

  • Abby Taylor-Silva, Vice President, Policies and Communication, Grower Shipper Association of Central California
  • Jennifer Biringer, Senior Director, Central Coast, The Nature Conservancy
  • Emily Paddock, Water Resources Manager, Driscolls
  • Kris Beal, Executive Director, Vineyard Team and SIP Certification

Keys to Effective Vineyard/Orchard Spraying & Drift Management

  • Dr. Andrew Landers, Pesticide Application Technology Specialist, Cornell University - Effective Vineyard and Orchard Spraying: Techniques and Technologies
  • Fritz Westover, Technical Program Manager, Vineyard Team - Reducing Pesticide Drift through Outreach & Demonstration

Laws & Regulations - News and Updates

  • Amy Wolfe, President and CEO, AgSafe - The Worker Protection and Heat Illness Prevention Standards - Navigating the Changes
  • Bryan Little, COO, Farm Employers Labor Service - Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals
  • Laura Ramage, Agricultural Inspector and Biologist, San Luis Obispo County Agricultural Commissioner - Pesticide Label Updates


Check back soon to discover the latest additions to the program!