Sustainable Ag Expo Nov. 13-15, 2017

The latest in farming research, resource issues, and business trends related to sustainable agriculture.

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Vineyard Team Scholarship

Help fund the college education of students who are relatives of farm workers of Vineyard Team member organizations.

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SIP Wins Excellence Award

Judges give program Project of the Year from the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards.

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Podcast: Grape Sampling

Dr. Justine Vanden Heuvel explains how using NDVI imagery to take samples can save time and money.

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Improve Your Scouting with PMapp

Accurately estimate the severity of GPM damage using pictures and calculate incidence and severity on the go.

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Vineyard Team

A Leader in Sustainable Agriculture Since 1994 

Promoting sustainable agriculture since 1994, the Vineyard Team is an organization dedicated to sustainable farming through research, education, and grower to grower networking. The Vineyard Team is a model for other sustainable agriculture initiatives, and has earned awards and recognition from governmental, environmental and agricultural groups.

In the vineyard, we strive to protect the resources valuable to our farms and our communities through sustainable winegrowing. We are the Vineyard Team, a network of 300 local farmers, educating and guiding towards sustainable vineyard practices for 20 years.

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Promoting Sustainable Winegrowing | Our Mission Statement

The Vineyard Team will identify and promote the most environmentally safe, viticulturally and economically sustainable farming methods, while maintaining or improving quality and flavor of wine grapes. The Team will be a model for wine grape growers and will promote the public trust of stewardship for natural resources.