DPR & CCA Virtual CEU

Online Courses are now available for obtaining continuing education (CE) credits approved by the Department of Pesticide Regulations (DPR). To obtain your verification of attendance via email, you must register using the link on the course page and provide payment. If you are not interested in obtaining CE credits, you may simply view the presentation for free. 

Questions? Please call the Vineyard Team: 805.466.2288.

  • Effective Vineyard Spraying
    Jan 1, 2017 | Online Continuing Education
    Techniques and technologies to reduce drift and improve spray coverage.
  • Managing Grapevine Trunk Diseases
    Jan 1, 2017 | Online Continuing Education
    Grapevine Trunk Diseases shorten the lifespan of vineyards and cause dramatic yield losses over time. These diseases can be managed through a combination of cultural practices and fungicides.