Twenty Years of Innovation and Leadership in Sustainability

  • We are a 501c3 non-profit grower-group dedicated sustainable winegrowing since 1994.
  • Our supporters have increased the adoption of environmentally friendly farming practices, measured by over a decade of data collection and research.
  • Our growers regularly share their farming knowledge with others through a robust grower-to-grower outreach program.
  • As a result of our field and educational programs, growers reduce erosion and pesticide use, protect water quality, improve biologic diversity, and honor their workers.
  • Agencies and environmental groups recognize our work through awards and grants:
    • US Environmental Protection Agency
    • California Department of Food & Agriculture
    • University of California
    • CA Department of Pesticide Regulation
    • Regional Water Quality Control Board
    • SLO Community Foundation
    • SLO Air Pollution Control Board
  • We continue to be recognized as a leader by many, as evidenced by numerous groups using the Vineyard Team's programs as a foundation for their development.

Vineyard Team Timeline (pdf) of History and Accomplishments