Webinar: Grapevine Red Blotch Disease(Grower)

The webinar will describe the virus, its impact on vine health, what informal field observations have told us, and what 
measures are being taken to test and identify infected vines and planting  material.  
GRBaV, its association with Red Blotch disease and presence in vineyards.  Marc Fuchs, Department of Plant Pathology and Plant Microbe Biology, Cornell University (with contributions from Mysore Sudarshana and Keith Perry).
An Extension Perspective: Field observations and impact on vines. Rhonda Smith, UCCE Farm Advisor, Sonoma County. 
Testing and identification of vines and planting material. Deborah Golino, UC Davis Foundation Plant Services.
It is intend this webinar to be interactive, with time set aside between presentations to answer your questions. Bring your questions and submit  them during the webinar via the ‘chat bar’.
Tim Martinson, Senior Extension Associate, Cornell University, will moderate.
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