Compost Production & Owl Box Safety(Grower)

Scheid Vineyards
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Practical Compost Production & Application in the Vineyard
- and - Barn Owl Box Safety & Management
Monterey County
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 | 9:00 a.m. to Noon

*Free for Vineyard Team members (limit 2 per membership)
$25 for non members


Mark Browning, Barn Owl Box Company and Mike Best, Avian Protection Manager, as the speakers at Barn Owl Box Safety & Management will highlight bird diversity and reproductive success, birds as beneficials, proper placement and bird use of roosting and nesting boxes, and the value of maintaining individual oak trees in Central Coast vineyards. Pacific Gas and Electric Company is sponsoring this program in partnership with the Vineyard Team.

Production of compost from waste material, such as pomace and other winery waste, as well as its application in the vineyard will be the focus of this tailgate meeting. Our featured speaker is Will Bakx, Soil Scientist with Sonoma Compost, who will discuss the benefits of compost additions to soil, the composting process, specifications of winery waste composting and practical methods to determine nutrient content and availability to vines.  The meeting will be held at Scheid Vineyards, where a successful winery waste composting process will be featured. Regional viticulturist and the Vineyard Team Technical Program Manager will discuss practical methods for determining compost application rates in the vineyard.  Windrow composting equipment and vineyard application methods will be demonstrated. The compost tailgate is sponsored in parntership by the  Vineyard Team and the Center for Sustainability, Cal Poly Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.


*A total of 1 DPR CE units are provided for this tailgate. (1) one FREE owl box per Vineyard Team member (must be picked up at tailgate).

Scheid Vineyards

1972 Hobson Avenue
Greenfield, CA 93927

 *Online registration closes at 3:00pm on February 17th. If you are interested in attending this tailgate after online registration closes, please call 805.466.2288 during regular office hours 8am-4:30pm or come early to register at the site location.