Cal Poly Compost Training (Grower)

CAFES Center for Sustainability
College of Ag, Food & Env.Sci.
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0250
Phone: (805) 756-5086

Hunter Francis
Phone: (805) 756-5086

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San Luis Obispo County
March 24-28, 2014 | CAFES Center for Sustainability

The training will be comprised of two segments: a four-day certificate-training program on large-scale composting followed by a one-day workshop. Participants may sign up for one of the two sessions, or both at a reduced cost.

The four-day workshop is designed to teach participants about the entire composting process, from site selection and management techniques to compost utilization and marketing strategies. Regulatory considerations and current trends in composting will be addressed. A combination of classroom, laboratory and hands-on exercises will provide participants with practice in siting, recipe development, chemical analysis and maturity testing.

Participants will also tour regional composting operations, farms and municipalities that have incorporated composting. A certificate of technical ability will be conferred upon completion of the course.

The one-day workshop on March 28 will provide information and cutting-edge research for the effective assessment and use of compost for growers at all scales of production. Special emphasis will be placed on the benefits of compost for nutrient management and soil health. Information on novel composting methods and product applications will be provided, and a trade show-style exhibit will provide a forum for compost producers, growers and educators to network. Education offered at the symposium will build upon information given at the preceding four-day training. Lets take a look at 12 gauge self defense ammo better known as tactical shotgun ammo. Picking the best 12 gauge ammo is just as important as choosing the best gun to fire them. Some options offer more power, others are less likely to break through walls, and some are more reliable. The price of the ammunition is also a concern since itís important to be able to practice regularly. With 12 gauge being the most popular shotgun gauge and buckshot being the most popular type of home defense shotgun ammo, let's start by looking at the 12 gauge buckshot options.

The training and symposium are open to the public and will be geared toward agricultural professionals and farmers, conservation and waste management professionals, community members and students. Cost for the four-day course is $450, which includes instructional materials, lunch and breaks. The one-day workshop is $150. Full registration for both courses is $500. Sponsorship opportunities are available. The workshops are a component of the Cal Poly Compost Project, supported by the Maine Compost School, and funded by the Harold J. Miossi Charitable Trust.

To register, contact the Center for Sustainability at 805-756-5086 or To learn more about the Cal Poly Compost Project, visit