34th Annual EcoFarm Conference (Grower)

Asilomar Conference Grounds
Pacific Grove, California

Ecological Farming Association
Phone: 831-763-2111

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The EcoFarm Conference welcomes all people engaged in the food system. From consumers to specialty crop producers, we all have a role to play. EcoFarm is tailored to those looking for a technical edge: organic and ecological farmers and ranchers (large and small), handlers, marketers, students, educators, researchers, activists, and governmental agencies. The conference provides an opportunity for our attendees to add to their toolkits. Workshops feature cutting-edge systems, ideas, and perspectives for a range of topics, including: water and soil management, processing and distribution systems, habitat restoration, livestock and range management, regional food systems, food safety, food and agriculture policies, and much more.

Enjoy the conference and the inspiration gleaned from the great works of those who are presenting and attending. Notice how far we have all come in our shared mission of an ecological food and farming system and consider what you think still needs to be done. Then, let’s continue to gather and grow what is needed. Let’s plant that open-pollinated, community commons, non-GMO seed and let it thrive!

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