Integrating Livestock Into Farming Systems - Tablas Creek Vineyards(Grower)

Tablas Creek Vineyard
9339 Adelaida Rd
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Phone: (805) 237-1231

Holistic Management International (HMI) is collaborating with Tablas Creek Vineyard to host an Open Gate Learning Day on the topic of integrating livestock into farm and vineyard operations.

At the Open Gate: Tablas Creek Vineyard day you’ll…
• See what fellow land managers are doing to maintain land health and profitability in a changing environment
• Learn about how to integrate livestock and biodynamics in farming systems
• Learn indicators of good soil health
• Practice making decisions about common land management dilemmas
• Discuss practical grazing strategies to improve water use and land production
• Hear how Holistic Management enables producers to better manage risk, make better decisions and enjoy the benefits of sustainable agriculture.

Robert Rutherford, Holistic Management Certified Educator
Kelly Mulville, Holistic Management Certified Educator
Levi Glenn, Viticulturist, Tablas Creek Vineyard
Chris Behr, Oso Libre Winery
Laird Foshay, Proprietor and Winegrower, Rangeland Wines
Peggy Cole, Project Manager, HMI