Irrigation System Management & Maintenance Tailgates(Grower)

Soledad, Creston, and Santa Maria

Vineyard Team
Phone: 805.466.2288

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The Vineyard Team is hosting a series of tailgates in Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara Counties on irrigation system management, with focus on all aspects downstream of the pump effecting distribution uniformity. Each tailgate will include information on maintaining system filtration, improving injection of chemicals, fertilizers, and other amendments, and incorporation of automation technologies and monitors of system performance. A combination of growers and technology representatives will lead the discussion from pump head to the vineyard drip emitter.

Challenges addressed:
• Preventative maintenance to improve distribution uniformity
• Filtration system maintenance
• Manual and automated injections systems
• Balancing irrigation chemistry: pH, product compatibility
• Remote monitoring / troubleshooting of irrigation systems

Free for Members / $25.00 for Non-Members

3.0 DPR CE hours approved (Other); 3.0 CCA CEU credits approved (Soil & Water Management).


February 10th | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Soledad | PLEASE REGISTER ON-SITE

Host: Scheid Vineyards | Riverview Vineyard | 34954 Metz Rd. | Soledad, CA
Speakers: Fritz Westover, Technical Program Manager, Vineyard Team; Shawn Veysey, Director of Viticulture, Scheid Vineyards; Greg Gonzales, Vineyard Technology, Scheid Vineyards
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February 11th | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Creston | PLEASE REGISTER ON-SITE

Host: Treasury Wine Estates | Camatta Hills Vineyard | 3990 Ryan Rd. | Creston, CA
Speakers: Fritz Westover, Technical Program Manager, Vineyard Team; Kalyn Navone, Vineyard Manager, North Canyon Vineyard

February 12th | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Santa Maria

Host: Presque`ile Vineyard & Winery | Presque`ile Vineyard & Winery | 2540 East Clark Ave. | Santa Maria, CA
Speakers: Fritz Westover, Technical Program Manager, Vineyard Team; Jim Stollberg, Vineyard Manager and Owner of Maverick Farming Company

Sponsored by: Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)