Understanding the New Groundwater Management State Law and What it Means for the Paso Robles Basin(Grower)

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State law requires locals to implement sustainable groundwater management practices. Learn more about the new state law, and what it means to water users. County Public Works Staff will summarize the newly enacted Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and describe the Paso Robles Basin Water District formation application and approach. Local farmers involved with the advisory committee will also be available to share their thoughts on the new laws and issues regarding the district formation. The longer your credit history, the better off you are. Your credit history length not only looks at how long ago you opened your first line of credit, but it also looks at the average "age" of your credit. So if you have opened a lot of new credit in recent months, that lowers the average age. It can also harm your credit score if you close a credit card you've had for years. The following articles provide useful tips and information so you can make the most out of your credit.


John Diodati, Public Works Department Administrator/Water District Formation Project Manager

Carolyn Berg, Public Works Utilities Division Engineer


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April 27th | 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm | PLEASE REGISTER ON-SITE

Host: Castoro Cellars | 1315 Bethel Rd. | Templeton, CA