AgSafe Pesticide Compliance Webinars(Grower)


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Webinars will cover the general practices of EPA and DPR pesticide compliance, as well as the comprehensive strategies and current regulation systems that go along with pest management. Each webinar is from 12 Noon to 1 PM, approximately one hour long. Continuing education hours available. ENGLISH ONLY. **Vineyard Team members save**

Classes may be purchased individually or as a package.


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Webinar Dates & Topics

August 5 | Application Compliance

Are you prepared for a pesticide application inspection? This webinar will cover the laws and regulations of application compliance while presenting common sense solutions to pass inspection. CE: 1.0 Laws & Regs

August 19 | Headquarter Compliance

This webinar will cover the ins and outs of pesticide paperwork. What records are needed, how long to keep them, and where to find templates for easy documentation. CE: 1.0 Laws & Regs

September 2 | Respiratory Compliance

Are you using pesticides that require a respirator? Learn about all the required training, medical evaluations, fit testing, and program requirements when using a respirator. CE: 1.0 Laws & Regs

September 23 | Rodent Control

Are squirrels and gophers eating your crop? Learn about the most common Ag rodents, ways to identify them from crop damage, and legal control methods. CE: .5 Other, .5 Laws & Regs

October 7 | Common Violations & Solutions

Tales from the Ag Commissioner's office. Hear about common violations and simple compliance solutions from a past inspector. CE: .5 Other, .5 Laws & Regs

October 21 | Drift Minimization

Bloom season equals drift violations. Learn about the laws and regulations concerning drift and practical solutions to drift minimization. CE: .5 Other, .5 Laws & Regs

November 4 | How to Read a Label

20 page pesticide label? Learn how to read a label for the most important information for a safe and compliant application. CE: 1.0 Laws & Regs

November 10 | How to Effectively Train Employees on Pesticide Use

Have an employee who applies pesticides? Learn about the training requirements and some simple techniques for effective training. CE: .5 Other, .5 Laws & Regs


View webinar flyer and registration form