Spanish Supervisor Training Programs(Grower)

Lupe Sandoval
Phone: 915.505.0946

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Supervisor Compliance & Management and/or Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 


July 27 July 31 August 2 August 4
Santa Rosa, CA St. Helena, CA Paso Robles, CA Indio, CA



(Vineyard Team members may register at the CFLCA rate!)

CFLCA will present a series of interactive supervisor/mayordomo training programs in Spanish for new supervisory staff, and also for supervisory staff looking for updated, refresher training.  The program includes training on a range of critical labor law compliance issues, along with tips for more effectively managing the challenges of a shrinking labor pool.  The program includes training on: wage & hour, MSPA - worker transportation, reporting injuries and incidents, and worker safety requirements.
The program includes the mandated two-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention training, which can be included with the compliance and management training, or taken separately.  Under SB 1087, all supervisory staff working under FLCs must receive the two-hour training each year. Other employers, such as growers, fall under AB 1825, which requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide the training every two years.  The training also covers Bullying Prevention as required under AB 2063.