Water and Nitrogen Use Webinar(Grower)

Beth Vukmanic Lopez
Phone: 805.466.2288

The content of this webinar applies to SIP Certified® Standard Chapter 14 (Year End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports).


Calculating the amount of water and Nitrogen applied to a vineyard are important for tracking inputs and improving efficiency. This webinar will include how to interpret soil and water analysis reports and how to calculate total water applied from irrigation, frost protection, and rainfall plus total nitrogen applied from fertilizer, compost, and water. Craig Macmillan of Vineyard Team will guide participants through the process of calculating total water used and total Nitrogen applied. These are the same calculations used in SIP Certified® Standards Chapter 14 Year End Water and Nitrogen Use Reports which are due December 14, 2018.


Confirmed Speakers:

Craig Macmillan, Ph.D., Technical Program Manager, Vineyard Team