Erosion Control Awareness Workshop (CCWGA)(Grower)

Tolosa Winery
4910 Edna Road
San Luis Obispo, CA

John Burke, CCWGA
Phone: (805) 928-4950

Erosion Awareness Workshop, presented by the Central Coast Wine Growers Association

This workshop will focus on erosion control awareness, with an emphasis on vineyard and farming practices. Farmers, agriculturalists, vineyard owners and managers will:
• Learn the requirements of the revised SLO County agricultural grading ordinance
• Learn what practices are allowed under Agricultural Grading and which require Alternative Review and/or a Grading Permit
• Gain awareness of situations and practices that may cause erosion
• Gain awareness of practices and techniques that can prevent erosion and control sedimentation
• Learn about the general limitations which all grading activities (even exempt practices) must adhere to


Vince Kirkhuff, Grant Contract Administrator, SLO County Air Pollution Control District
APCD funding to reduce emissions, including repowering older diesel engines with new, cleaner-burning diesels and electrification of stationary agricultural engines.

Murray Wilson, County of SLO Department of Planning and Building
Revised agricultural grading ordinance requirements.

Susan Litteral, USDA NRCS Engineer
• Development-Construction, Roads and Farming
• Design concepts
• Minimize runoff, erosion, sediment management needs
• Additional benefits

Cheryl Lenhardt, Lenhardt Engineering, Inc.
• What is erosion?
• Raindrop impact and runoff velocities
• Erosion Control vs. Sediment Control
• Explanation & examples of Erosion and Sediment Control BMP’s temporary and permanent erosion control practices

Please RSVP to John Burke at the Central Coast Wine Growers Association at (805) 928-4950.