Niner Wine Estate's Buck-a-Bottle month supports the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship

November is Buck-a-Bottle month for Niner Wine Estates. Every year, Niner donates $1 to a local charity fund for every bottle that is sold in their tasting room and online during the month of November. This year, Niner is donating these funds to the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship.

Niner Wine Estates has been supporting the scholarship for years and has hosted the past few annual Scholarship Recipient Award Ceremonies at the Vineyard Team Member BBQ, where scholarship recipients, their families, and Vineyard Team members get together to enjoy great company, wine, and a meal crafted with fresh ingredients from Chef's Garden.

Thank you, Niner Wine Estates, for helping children of vineyard and winery workers achieve their dreams of higher education through the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship.

November 29th is GivingTuesday. Vineyard Team set a goal of raising $75,000 to help expand the scholarship program to not only provide more students with scholarships but to also help recipients access resources to help them successfully graduate.

If you would like to make a life-changing impact on a student's life and help us reach our GivingTuesday goal, click here to donate to the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship.

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