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Bring-A-Friend Promotion

If you enjoy getting the latest up-to-date viticulture education as much as we do, bring a friend who is not a current member with you to an upcoming tailgate meeting for free. We are offering this exclusive promotion to all of our Vineyard Team members this year. Don't leave your friends behind! Attend a tailgate and bring a friend, it's that simple.

Here is what to do:

1. Send your friend this link and have them click Register Now

2. They choose the event they want to attend and use a code below to receive 100% off

3. You both attend the tailgate to learn from top viticulture experts

What are Tailgate Meetings?

We bring together researchers and experienced growers to share their expertise on critical resource concerns from irrigation to pest management and soil health to safety training. Not only do growers get timely information, but they also have the opportunity to talk directly with each presenter.

Upcoming meetings:

January 20 | Improving Soil Health with Compost & Vermiculture
February 15 | Managing Grapevine Trunk Disease Webinar
March 10 | Canopy Management: Trellising, Sunburn, & Mechanization

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