We are honored! 2022 IPM Achievement Award

All of us at Vineyard Team are honored to be receiving DPR’s prestigious IPM Achievement Award.

Each year the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) honors California organizations for their integrated pest management (IPM) achievements. The IPM Achievement Awards recognize organizations and individuals that are leaders in using reduced-risk pest management practices and sharing their successful strategies with others.

We would like to thank DPR for selecting us as a recipient of this award. By recognizing leaders in integrated pest management, the IPM Achievement Award brings attention to groups and individuals who continuously work to protect the health and natural resources of our communities. Celebrating this good work helps to foster a community that will continue to learn about, share, and adopt the latest IPM practices, ultimately guiding us all toward a healthier, more sustainable agricultural industry.

We would also like to thank the business and grower members of Vineyard Team, as they constitute our network of like-minded professionals who continue to strive for growth and improvement. They support us as we lead research projects; collaborate with researchers, ag professionals, and experienced growers; and share these resources with the community at large.

We truly couldn’t do the work we do without our extensive network of growers, PCAs, farm advisors, university staff, and regulatory representatives. These experienced professionals provide the organization with the information and resources we need to help educate and guide California winegrowers toward sustainable vineyard practices.

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