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A group of experts including veteran growers, Cooperative Extension Specialists, University researchers, and ag experts will discuss the main challenges facing viticulturalists today. They will cover topics such as pests and diseases, water conservation, nutrient management, natural resource conservation, technology adoption, fruit quality, and regulatory compliance.

Do you want sustainable winegrowing education without travel? 

Over the next two years, we are creating a suite of 30 online courses so you can learn about topics that actually impact your business. 

Don’t Take it From Us

For 30 years, Vineyard Team has been your resource for practical, science-based, field-tested education. Here’s what our Members have to say about the online courses:

“I loved the virtual learning sessions.” - Ryan

“I was able to take more and better notes by learning online!” - Jim 

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This incredible program is made possible by Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE). Participating is easy:

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  3. Share what you have learned in short surveys and at 2 virtual roundtables. 

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