Decades of Dedication: A Special Tribute to Vineyard Team Members


Vineyard Team, a trailblazer in sustainable viticulture, was founded on the principle of fostering sustainable stewardship. For the last 30 years, the organization has stood as a beacon for innovation, education, and community in the wine industry.

As they celebrate this milestone, Vineyard Team takes immense pride in recognizing some of its longest-standing members and supporters, whose dedication and passion have been pivotal to the organization’s success. Their contributions shape the landscape of sustainable winegrowing and ensure the legacy of Vineyard Team for future generations.

Steve McIntyre, one of California’s most knowledgeable viticulturists and founding member of Vineyard Team, reflects on the significance of the organization: "We felt it was really important within the wine and grape industry to not only be science-based, but also able to change and adapt to information as it was discovered."

What started as a small group of farmers sharing their sustainable winegrowing knowledge with one another has grown into a network of 300+ dedicated to that very same idea. “We all do well by doing good,” McIntyre adds - a sentiment that is key to the mission of the organization still today.

Those small, in-field meetings evolved into Tailgates: educational field demonstrations and discussions where growers, experts, and extension offer information and techniques to help growers adopt sustainable farming practices in their vineyards. Many of these meetings count towards valuable continuing education hours for DPR and CCA licenses.

Support from Business Members is essential to the success of Vineyard Team. Sustainable Ag Expo title sponsor and long-time Business Member, Vineyard Industry Products (VIP), is dedicated to furthering the goals of the organization through their involvement. Sunni Ashley, President of VIP says  "As a member of Vineyard Team, we are able to give back through their many grower educational programs, including Tailgates, workshops, online courses, field days, scholarship, and so much more! We couldn’t do this on our own.”

Both Vineyard Team Business and Grower Members enjoy a rich array of benefits that support their relentless progress, education, and commitment to sustainability. From complimentary Tailgate tickets to reductions in SIP Certified application fees and discounts on Sustainable Ag Expo tickets, every perk offers opportunities to advance their  dedication to sustainable viticulture.

Jeanine Madson, Assistant General Manager and Hospitality and Wine Club Manager at SIP Certified(R) Oso Libre Winery in Paso Robles, has been involved with Vineyard Team for over a decade. She shares, "We believe in what Vineyard Team does for the winegrowing community; Providing educational seminars, keeping us up to speed with industry changes, and empowering us to be better stewards of the land."

Vineyard Team looks forward to many more decades of leveraging innovation, education, and teamwork to advance the field of sustainable winegrowing. The organization extends a heartfelt thanks to all contributors who have been and continue to be instrumental in bolstering the mission. 

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