Meet the Newly Awarded Scholars of the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship: Continuing a Legacy of Learning

Vineyard Team proudly announces the selection of six new exceptional recipients of the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship, continuing its mission of investing in higher education for the children of California's vineyard and winery workers. These students are set to embark on a transformative journey.

This year's recipients have been chosen for their academic achievements, financial need, inspiring stories, community involvement, and the potential to make significant contributions to their communities . Among them are a future viticulturist with a commitment to sustainable agriculture, a budding real estate developer with aspirations of owning their own farm one day, and a prospective legislator/politician, passionate about public policy and social justice.

Congratulations to This Year’s Recipients:

New recipient Daisy expressed her gratitude to the program's donors,
“It truly changes a person's life.”

Scholar David shares, “I will make every effort to live up to expectations and contribute positively to our community.”

The Goal: College Success

The Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship is more than a financial aid program; it is a commitment to investing in the next generation of leaders. Recipients receive multi-year scholarships to attend trade, two-, or four-year colleges, along with a graduation bonus. Additionally, each scholar has direct access to the program’s dedicated mentor to guide them through their college years, ensuring they have the support needed to succeed academically and personally.

This focus on first-generation college students is critical. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, fewer fewer first-generation students earn a credential or remain enrolled compared with students who parents have some college education. Programs like the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship aim to close this gap by providing the necessary resources and support to ensure college success.

Since its inception, the scholarship has witnessed remarkable success stories. Scholars have gone on to pursue successful careers in various fields, contributing to their communities and the workforce in meaningful ways. Graduated Scholarship recipient who now works for Sea Smoke Vineyards, Esteban says “I want to be part of the legacy of people that have helped me in my journey.”

Thanks to a partnership with Must! Charities and the support of our generous community, the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship is determined to continue this legacy, transforming lives and creating a brighter future for first-generation college students.

Get Involved

Vineyard Team is proud to pay tribute to a Paso Robles Pioneer through the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship, supporting families of vineyard and winery employees in their educational pursuits.

To learn more about this cause, witness your impact, and contribute to this incredible program, please visit the new donor page. Together, we can shape a better tomorrow for all!

In partnership with Must! Charities.


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