Christian - Class of 2024


The goal of the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship is to help children of California vineyard and winery workers graduate from a higher education institution. 

We are thrilled to let you know that Christian, a recipient of the scholarship since 2021, is graduating! 

As he prepares to graduate in spring, Christian recalls a pivotal moment in his education: joining the UC Davis Cadet Academy. When he completed the rigorous 12-week law enforcement internship, he honed his knowledge of safety and crime prevention and solidified his desire to serve and protect his community.

Christian is ready to step into a career. He is applying to various law enforcement agencies across California, including the UC Davis Police Department and the California Highway Patrol.

Christian shares that the support he received from the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship went beyond alleviating financial strain. “One-on-one check-ins and newsletters from Mentor Alex have been a huge help with school. Plus, I have made meaningful connections with fellow scholars. I am truly grateful to the program.”

Our community’s investment in education and mentorship empowers students like Christian to pursue their dreams and create positive change in their communities.

You can help more students like Christin by making a gift to the program today. 

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