Get Funding for Your Sustainability Projects

Want to improve the sustainability of your vineyard?

The Sustainable Land Initiative (SLI) can connect you with funding to bring your plans to fruition. Projects include:

Projects that once took 2-3 years to secure funding can now get started in as little as 3-6 weeks (UC-funded pilot).

How to Sign Up:

  1. Complete the Sustainable Land Intake Form.
  2. Work with RCD staff to identify your goals.
  3. Get funding to improve your property.

About Sustainable Land Initiative (SLI)

SLI is a partnership between Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs) and university campuses. SLI streamlines the typical RCD process by aggregating projects and removing usual barriers to Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) adoption.

For no to extremely low cost, SLI provides growers with:

SLI is led by Upper Salinas-Las Tablas RCD (northern SLO County) and Cal Poly. The program is expanding to Coastal San Luis, Cachuma (SB), and Ventura RCDs to help even more growers attain their sustainability goals.

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