How $1 Million will Change the Life of the Next Generation

One million dollars was raised to benefit the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship at the Must! Charities’ PURPOSE event this August. Donors came together to donate an incredible sum in just 15 minutes!

Since 2015 the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship has helped the children of farm working families gain access to higher education. 98 percent of recipients have been first-generation college students.

First-generation students have more barriers when it comes to attaining higher education – they cannot ask their parents how to navigate the system. With this new funding, the program can expand to have an even greater impact. A coach and mentor will help direct recipients through the process. And, students who maintain a base-level GPA will receive multi-year scholarships.

Providing more support to recipients will help them achieve their dreams of graduation, pursuing a successful career, and ultimately giving back to their community.

While this is an incredible step towards bettering the future of even more students, Vineyard Team will need to raise funding to match a portion of the Must! investment. Contributions from the community continue to be essential to the success of the scholarship program.

Listen in at 4:30 to hear the Executive Director of Must! Charities, Becky Gray, talk about this great investment in the future with Up & Adam.

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