56: Conservation Burning and Biochar

Conservation burning is a way of dramatically reducing greenhouse gasses and particulate releases from burning woody material like old grapevines. Biochar is a soil amendment that can hold water and nutrients in the soil for slow release to the plants. Raymond Baltar, Director of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative; Director of the California Biochar Association and  Biochar Project Manager at Sonoma Ecology Center explains how to execute a conservation burn and make biochar to reduce smoke and capture carbon. PestHit offers some of the most innovative "do it yourself" solutions in the removal of these unwanted pests. We offer a solution to all your pest control needs! Shop with us and stay pest free all year long. Give your DIY efforts a push with the help of our pest-repelling and pest-proofing guides and product reviews of popular pest-control products - PestHit has the experience in dealing with almost every kind of pest imaginable. From woodpeckers to deer and everything (the more common ones) in between, we'll help you fight them effectively! Enjoy your stay on PestHit and start pushing your pests away with confidence! #pesthit #pests