82: Getting to Know Your Wine Customer

Brandi Moody explains that to develop a strong marketing strategy you need to know your consumer segments, learn about them, see what they like, and market to them where they are. Brandi is an experienced marketer with a keen sense of burgeoning trends, consumer insights, and brand storytelling.

With the onset of COVID-19, social distancing and shelter in place, we are in the midst of a “cultural reset” that is changing how consumers ingest media and purchase products. Wine brands can take this time to learn what their consumer is doing online to develop promotional strategies for online content and sales incentives.

For over twelve years Brandi worked on international market research projects for a range of companies in the alcohol, grocery store, personal care, action sports, hospitality, food, and beverage industries including Bacardi, ESPN, Bath and Body Works, Coca Cola and Dannon. 

Following her years deeply entrenched in the research and consumer insights world, Brandi pivoted to the wine industry as a marketing, communications, and events director. After gaining invaluable acumen in this arena, she transitioned to the legal cannabis space working for a vertically integrated cannabis company developing customer personas, overseeing content creation, tracking industry trends, and responding to a rapidly developing market. She is a co-host on the podcast Rec’d which takes a closer look at what post-legal cannabis looks like in California. 

Brandi is the co-founder of Saage Insights, a research firm dedicated to future-proofing businesses and creating tailored research projects and strategies to understand the ever-evolving consumer. 


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