138: 5 Tips for Your Wine Brand's Social Media | Marketing Tip Monday

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives - we use it every day to stay informed, plan for the future, pass the time, and so much more. Perhaps most remarkably, it has enabled us to connect with others at a speed and on a scale unfathomable to people of the not-so-distant past.

Welcome to Marketing Tip Monday with SIP Certified. Today we are sharing "5 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Wine Brand Needs to Know".

 The role social media has played in this broad expansion of human interaction cannot be understated. Whether it's for business or pleasure, social media often takes up a big chunk of what we do online and even how we spend our time.

As Heather from Craft & Cluster says, people use social media for:

By generating content that satisfies these three desires, your wine brand's social media account has the potential to draw in more engagement and followers, and thus, more business! Here are our 5 Social Media Tips for you to contemplate as you create content for your audience.

5 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Wine Brand Needs to Know

1. Tell More Stories

People of all ages love stories. They help us identify common interests and experiences, and help us to build relationships that give our lives a deeper sense of meaning. The winemaking community is full of artists and passionate individuals who are fulfilling their dreams - there are countless stories to be told! Heather encourages everyone to Tell More Stories via social media. By doing this, you invite your audience to build a personally meaningful connection with you and your brand.

Try integrating a story in your next post:

2. Create Carousel Posts

Heather points out that the genius of carousel posts is that they capitalize on a human need to "know the ending." Beyond this human component driving carousel posts' high appraisal, the algorithm registers the time spent engaging with this post as the post being "more valuable," which will cause it to be shown in more peoples' feeds. With so many interesting things going on at your facility every day, there's no shortage of subjects for a carousel post!

Here are a few ideas:

3. Be Sure Your Posts Provide Value

Whether it's through offering entertainment, education, deals, announcements, or simply the chance to interact with your brand, giving your followers a reason to look out for your content is key to ensuring your posts aren't getting scrolled past!

Try one (or all!) of these ideas in your upcoming content:

Bonus tip: Use the description section of your next post to remind your followers to tag you next time they visit or enjoy your product or service!

4. Post a Few Times Each Week

Posting more than one or two times a week not only keeps you on your followers' minds, but it also ensures you don't get overlooked by the algorithm when you do post! It's kind of a catch-22 - the algorithm will favor accounts that have high engagement, and you can only get engagement if you show up in peoples' feeds! The best way to ensure your posts show up is by posting more than once or twice a week. Don't know what to post? Use the previous tips to inspire your content!

5. Participate in Reciprocal Engagement

Reply to each one of your comments and messages (not just to drop an emoji!). No one likes feeling ignored, and you never know what kind of relationships you can build or who you will attract to your brand by reciprocating a social bid! Low on comments or messages? Make the first move! Besides commenting on posts from accounts you already follow, you can search hashtags relevant to your brand, product, or service, and make connections with people who share similar interests. Besides boosting the chance you'll pop up in their feed, this will help you to build relationships within the community and with those who already appreciate your brand.

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