I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to receive this scholarship. School has been going great, I've been getting good grades and academic honors every semester. The transition to online learning has been great, though the first semester was very hard. I've been doing great since and have been enjoying it!

The scholarship has been very helpful, it has allowed me to buy books, pay tuition, cover a lot of expenses and not worry about using out of pocket money to pay for school. In addition to my books, I was able to purchase a new computer since my old one failed, and cover the gas for the lab I attend in SLO. The scholarship has allowed me to focus on school and be the best person I can be.

I need one more semester after this current one to transfer to Fresno State. I am pursuing my BS in Viticulture. After we had the last scholarship dinner, I got an internship at Paris Valley Vineyard Services. It has been fun and I am learning a lot about the industry I want to go into.