Blanca Flor

When tragedy struck, Blanca Flor didn’t hesitate to step up and become the caretaker that her family was losing.

Her mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer when Blanca, the eldest of 6 children, was only fifteen years old. Since they lived in Mexico and her father was working in the United States, Blanca became responsible for caring for her five younger siblings and her ailing mother She knew that she had to put her family first, so she dropped out of school and spent her days learning to cook, tackling home duties, running errands, and caring for her family.

Since her mother passed, Blanca continues to care for her siblings and the home all while attending school and working. Her days begin at 4:30 am to pack lunch for her father. She then gets herself and her siblings fed and taken to school. After school, she comes home and makes dinner for her family. After the meal, she and her brother drive to Cuesta College to take an English class to help them strengthen their English speaking and writing skills.

The adversity she has faced also gave her ambition to become a cardiologist. Blanca wishes she could have been able to help her mother through her illness. Today she is determined to do what it takes to help members of her community who face similar hardships. She plans to complete her general education at Cuesta College before transferring to San Diego State University, where she visited during a field trip and fell in love with the ambiance, programs, and sense of community.