My name is Esteban Garcia and I’m 28 years old. I’m a father of two children. My oldest daughter is eleven years and my youngest is two years old. I was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Growing up I never saw an education ahead of me. I was born into a family of poverty. At the age of 8, I started my first year of the second grade at Adam Elementary School. The thought of finally being able to learn was both exciting and scary. I was scared because I did not speak English. I became a young dad at the age of 17. My mindset changed drastically, but I still didn’t realize how important school was. Both of my parents would work, but the income being made was never enough. I am the middle child out of five kids. My parents settled down to work in the agricultural field, which has only been general laborers. My family has always lived off growing crops. My grandparents would grow corn for their everyday needs. So, all I know is agriculture.

When I become a vineyard manager, I want to give back to the community of agriculture workers. This scholarship has inspired me to either create my own scholarship or donate. I want to be part of the legacy of people that have helped me in my journey.