Evelyn G.

I am still attending Allan Hancock College, and plan on transferring. School is going great so far, I’m doing good with all my classes. This semester it is still online classes (through zoom). I don’t really like the whole zoom thing, but it’s better than having it be completely online class and not seeing the teacher the whole semester. I’m finishing up some classes that I need to transfer. If I get all the classes I need, I hope to transfer next year in January 2022.

When I first applied for the scholarship I wasn’t sure if I wanted to study business or criminal justice. However after taking some criminal justice classes, I really liked them and chose to study criminal justice. In the future I would like to become a crime scene investigator. I really like the whole science behind it and having to lift finger prints and do so much more.

Winning the scholarship in 2019 was a huge help to my education. It definitely helped me paid for books my first year and beginning of my second year. It also help me with buying school supplies and parking permit for my car. This scholarship as well as the other one I received, did help me a lot my first year and I’m so glad that I was chosen, you helped start my education. Thank you!