May 2022

I am currently finishing my Master’s program in Agriculture with a specialization in Crop Science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

During my two-year graduate program, I conducted a study that determined fungicide resistance in Botrytis cinerea populations on wine grapes in the Central Coast region of California.

I will be graduating in June 2022 and soon after, my study will become published as a journal publication that will be accessible to growers around the world to enhance Botrytis bunch rot management in vineyards. Upon my graduation, I will be working as an Assistant Grower Relations Representative for JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery.

Words cannot describe how thankful and appreciative I am for this valuable career opportunity. There is no doubt that being a recipient of the Vineyard Team Educational Scholarship has helped me to get where I am today. This scholarship has not only made a significant difference in financially supporting my educational journey, but it has also opened up so many doors through which I was able to begin my career in viticulture.

The Vineyard Team’s extensive roots within the winegrowing community helped establish my connection with Molly Scott and Mindy Record from JUSTIN whom I am beyond privileged to work alongside and learn from. I will forever and always be grateful for this scholarship and all of the donors for truly making it possible for me to make my career dreams a reality. Thank you so, so much!

January 2021

I wanted to give you a friendly update of where I currently stand in my career journey which would not have been possible without the generous support of the Vineyard Team Educational Scholarship!

I recently began my second quarter in the graduate program in Agriculture with a specialization in Crop Science at Cal Poly. My master's thesis research is focused on investigating fungicide resistance in Powdery Mildew and Botrytis bunch rot on wine grapes in the Central Coast region. I am working alongside Dr. Shunping Ding, who is my graduate advisor. My previous and current research experience is based on my special interest in grapevine diseases which I find very fascinating and important to understand in this industry.

In addition, my passion for gaining more knowledge and skills in wine and viticulture has led me to pursue an Associate of Science degree in Viticulture from Allan Hancock College. Thus, while completing my graduate studies I am also taking viticulture courses at Hancock which I am very much enjoying. I am also actively involved in Hancock's Viticulture & Enology Club. I gave a presentation to my fellow club peers in which I described the meaningful impact that the Vineyard's Team scholarship had on my educational journey. My hope was that by sharing my story and experience, I could raise awareness and encourage other students to apply for these amazing opportunities to help fuel their career dreams!

The more I continue to build connections and become involved in this industry, the more I confirm that my ultimate dream is to obtain a career in this field once I graduate. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for all the valuable opportunities that I have had thus far, and I would love to continue sharing my journey with you all!

March 2018

I have had the great fortune of being a previous recipient of this scholarship. There are no words that can sufficiently subscribe describe how honored and grateful I am for having been granted the opportunity to be touched by the generosity of such an inspirational organization. Throughout my educational journey, scholarship awards such as this one have made a viable and positive difference in my life by allowing me to continue striving toward accomplishing my numerous academic and career aspirations. It has served as a significant reminder that I am not alone in this journey and that I have support to overcome any obstacle both as an individual and a professional.

March 2017

I’ve had the fortune of being raised in a traditional Mexican family culture that is greatly encouraged me to aspire my goals. Currently, I am a full-time student attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo pursuing a bachelor of science degree in animal science.

I’ve had the privilege of becoming a member of the Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society, received recognition by the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and been awarded two Academic Awards of Excellence. During the process of reaching my academic goals, my family and I have frequently encountered economic struggles.

Since 2003, my father remained unemployed because he was affected by his physical disability. While my family strongly supports my educational journey, It is very difficult for them to provide help to cover my educational expenses.