As the first-born child to parents who don’t speak English, getting through high school proved to be challenging for Kimberly. She didn’t have older siblings or parents to help her with her schoolwork like many of her classmates did.

Determined to succeed, Kimberly established a network of resources to help her grow academically through friendships, the internet, and academic clubs.

Kimberly’s resourcefulness has enabled her to help her parents navigate life in a country where they don’t speak their native tongue. She spends a lot of time helping her family by translating conversations and documents, making phone calls, and scheduling appointments. She is also able to assist her younger sister who has Down Syndrome with her schoolwork.

Proud to be a first-generation college student, Kimberly plans on accepting her offer to join the Cal Poly Scholar program. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, she plans on getting her teaching credential to become a math teacher.

Because she knows how to push through hard times with effort and perseverance, Kimberly knows she has what it takes to achieve her dreams.