Fall 2023

Embracing Change

Lizbeth had a meticulously laid out her plan to become a nurse. After years of studying and testing, she completed her pre-nursing at Cuesta Community College and was ready to transfer to a nursing program to complete her credentials.

Everything was going as she planned until she was waitlisted in the heavily impacted healthcare educational system. 

Recovering from her disappointment, Lizbeth took a step back to evaluate her next steps. She knew that while starting a nursing program was on pause, her path to achieving her dreams didn’t have to be.

Lizbeth is implementing a multi-tiered plan of action. While she waits for her acceptance into the program, she continues college part-time and works as a phlebotomist technician. She strengthened her admission resume with the help of her pre-health advisor at Cuesta and her Scholarship Mentor, Alex. As a backup plan to her school of choice, she has submitted an application to the Cuesta College nursing program, as well as a transfer application to Cal Poly to pursue a bachelor's degree in public health. 


I would like to graciously thank everyone who donated to the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship. Being a first-generation college student is a true honor, but comes with many obstacles and sacrifices. There is no denying that I grew up a lot quicker than most kids my age, but this has led me to become the independent and hardworking individual I am today. Even though I am proud of my self-sufficiency, this scholarship has supported me in so many aspects of my life. I was able to purchase my first laptop for class, as well as textbooks and lab manuals. Additionally, having to commute to San Luis Obispo from Nipomo multiple times per week takes up a lot of gas which nowadays is far from cheap, and having this scholarship to assist me with this is a true blessing.

Once again, thank you to all of the donors who have given ambitious students like me and their parents hope and support for their futures. I look forward to learning new things and creating a better version of myself in order to repay my parents for all they have sacrificed to give my siblings and me a better future.


Education has always been highly important for my family and me. My parents didn't have the opportunity to attend high school and graduate from a university, so my siblings and I knew that continuing our education after high school was a requirement, not an option. My parents have sacrificed so much for my siblings and me, so continuing my education is just a small way for me of paying them back for everything they have done for me and my brothers and sister. I also want to create a successful future for myself by working at a job that I enjoy, and since I am interested in nursing, I will be continuing my education after high school.