Michelle A.

I am currently entering my fifth year of college. My major is Psychology with an emphasis on school psychology and applied behavioral analysis. I have completed my minor this Spring 2021 in Communicative Disorders - Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I have also received two certificates this past Spring 2021 in Cross Cultural-Competency and Registered Behavior Technician Training. I will be graduating in Spring 2022 with my Bachelor’s in Psychology. I plan to pursue my Master’s degree in School Psychology. I chose to apply to the Master’s Program of School Psychology because it would allow me to guide students throughout their educational path as well as personal growth which I am very passionate about. While being on the pathway of achieving my goal, I want to be able to assist people in every way I possibly can.

Being a scholarship recipient has helped me pay for school tuition, books, college materials, and housing expenses. It has helped me stay focused in school by allowing me to be a full-time student and perform well in my classes.