Soil Moisture Monitoring for Vineyard Irrigation Management

On March 12th, 2014 the Vineyard Team conducted a vineyard tailgate meeting on the topic of soil moisture monitoring for vineyard irrigation management. This program was produced with support from the United States Department of Agriculture-Conservation Innovation Grant, and in collaboration with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers.  Below are recorded presentations from our expert guest speakers.

Part 1: The Soil Water Interface in the Irrigated Vineyard, Dr. Paul Animosa, Vineyard Soil Technologies

Part 2: Efficient Irrigation with Soil Moisture Monitoring, Dr. Mark Greenspan, Advanced Viticulture

Part 3: Dealing with Poor Water Quality in Vineyards, Dr. Keith Backman, Delavalle Laboratory

Part 4: Soil Moisture Sensors: Product roundtable on how they work, costs, and installation tips