Vine Stress Management for Irrigated and Dry Farmed Vineyards

On July 8th, 2014 the Vineyard Team conducted a vineyard tailgate meeting on the topic of vine stress management for irrigated and dry farmed vineyards. This program was produced with support from the United States Department of Agriculture-Conservation Innovation Grant, and in collaboration with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers.  Below are recorded presentations from our expert guest speakers.

Mechanisms of Vine Water and Salt Stress and How Rootstock Breeding Can Help

Dr. Kevin Fort, UC Davis
Effect of Variable Rate Irrigation Prototype on Vineyard Variability

Dr. Luis Sanchez, E. J. Gallo

Approaches to Dry Farming in Low Rainfall Conditions

Glenn McGourty, UC Cooperative Extension

Industry Roundtable: Tools and Technologies for measuring Vine Stress

Dr. Mark Greenspan (Advanced Viticulture), Dr. Melissa Staid (VineView), Virginie Mercier (Fruition Sciences)