The Power of a Mentor

Did you know that 33% of first-generation students leave college within three years of starting (Education Advisory Board)?

While there are many contributing factors, the main reasons first-generation students leave are:

  1. Financial burdens.
  2. Lack of support.
  3. Inequitable access to resources.

Because of your past generosity, the Juan Nevarez Memorial Scholarship has expanded to address each of those factors. Each recipient receives:

  1. Multi-year scholarships to trade, two-, or four-year schools.
  2. A graduation bonus.
  3. Personalized guidance from our dedicated Scholarship Mentor.

Knowing that financial constraints are not the only barrier, this program has expanded to make a unique investment in a dedicated Scholarship Mentor who is a resource to the students throughout their collegiate career.

Multi-year recipient Lizbeth says, "Being a first-generation college student is a true honor, but it comes with many obstacles and sacrifices."

Regular check-ins with the Mentor help each student address their biggest challenge including transitioning from high school to college, reviewing a college budget, and updating a resume.

Thanks to your generosity, these funding and support services help recipients like Lizbeth and her family achieve their dreams of higher education to pursue a professional career.

Your donation to this program helps increase graduation rates and develop a qualified workforce that will contribute back to their communities.

Thank you for giving the gift of higher education.

Will you give again this year?

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