86: Wine Production During COVID-19

While wineries can maintain business operations during COVID-19, day to day operations look much different than they did the first few months of 2020. Hear how three wineries are adapting to their new way of doing business.  

Nathan Carlson, General Manager and Winemaker of Center of Effort Wines shares how they are discovering opportunities and better way to do business from saving on travel with telecommuting distributor presentation to connecting face to face with club members across the nation for the first time through virtual tastings.

Dieter Cronje, Winemaker at Presqu’ile explains the challenges and decreased efficiency of bottling with a smaller crew, plus how they are planning to reopen their tasting room.

Molly Bohlman, Winemaker at Niner Wine Estates explains how they are making team decisions to ensure their entire staff feels safe plus how they are rearranging schedules to maintain social distancing.  

These interviews were recorded mid May 2020. Best practices continue to evolve, so please review your local best practices for the latest information.


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