Wine Marketing Series

Everything you'll want to know about marketing and selling wine, from more effective sales techniques to knowing your customer segment and everything in between.

84: Paul Mabray: It‘s Time for New Wine Sales Strategies
Paul Mabray, CEO of Emetry is helping wine brands make more effective sales and marketing decisions with data. He finds that wineries focus too heavily on finding new customers when they should put effort into retaining the ones they already have.
83: Sustainability: An Advantage in any Market  
Sustainability and certification are viewed as a “quality enhancement”. In the currently overly supplied market, sustainability is an advantage. A premium can be getting $200 to $300 more per ton of grapes in a good market or it can mean selling grapes when no one else can in a weak market. Gregg Hibbits, General Manager at Mesa Vineyard Management explains how their dedication to sustainability for over 30 years has drawn like-minded customers to their organization.
82: Getting to Know Your Wine Customer  
Brandi Moody explains that to develop a strong marketing strategy you need to know your consumer segments, learn about them, see what they like, and market to them where they are.
81: Wine Marketing in a Pandemic with Rob McMillan 
We were already experiencing a market correction before COVID-19, so what can wineries do now and in the future to connect with their consumers and sell wines?
74: The Spirit of Wine
In this special holiday edition we bring you a fascinating interview with Dr. Stephen Lloyd-Moffett, professor of Religious Studies at California Polytechnic State University. Stephen looks at the way in which passion for wine acts as a surrogate for religion: how it is used as a vehicle for communication, why rituals convey value, and how to use this beverage to create bonds.
65: Winegrape Brokering and Todays Grape Market 
Audra Cooper, Broker/Partner at Turrentine Brokerage talks about what wine and grape brokering is, the factors that affect grape pricing, the 2018 grape market, how sustainable certification can help set grapes apart in a crowded market, and the quality of the 2019 crop.