The Vineyard Team helps growers implement new practices and measures their impacts on environmental quality. Through these demonstrations, growers learn about the effectiveness of various management practices in the vineyard through direct participation or through Outreach and Education programs.

Project staff, technical advisors, and growers collaborate to implement and monitor specific practices. Frequent monitoring and evaluations help determine the effectiveness of these practices. Through this collaborative process, growers are more likely to be successful and their risks of adopting new practices can be minimized.

The Vineyard Team offers educational “tailgate” meetings at project vineyards, for growers to learn from one another and discuss the issues presented. Over 5,000 people have attended tailgates since their inception in 1999. In addition, approximately 25,000 acres are represented at a typical three county tailgate series.

The group's projects are funded by state grants and contribution from members. Faculty from the University of California Cooperative Extension and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo serve as technical advisors to the projects. In addition, Vineyard Team growers make generous contributions by donating their time, materials, land, and funds to support these projects.