Irrigation BMPs: Creating a Culture of Water Conservation (DWR)

DU Test in Vineyard



To increase the adoption of irrigation Best Management Practices (BMPs) by winegrape growers resulting in irrigation water conservation.


1.    Vineyard Team performs a free irrigation system distribution uniformity evaluation for the grower.
2.    A report is written identifying areas that negatively impact irrigation system efficiency.
3.    Vineyard Team staff meet with the grower to discuss the report and collect additional information about irrigation scheduling and maintenance.
4.    BMPs with the greatest potential to improve irrigation water use efficiency are identified and discussed.
5.    Vineyard Team staff follow up every two to three months with some of the growers in the project to see what they are thinking about or doing in regards to the most beneficial irrigation BMPs identified in the report and the meeting.
6.    Vineyard Team staff provide technical assistance regarding the implementation of irrigation system BMPs to the grower as needed.


1.    Free irrigation system distribution uniformity evaluation
2.    Irrigation BMPs recommended based on the particular situation
3.    Free technical assistance regarding irrigation BMPs for two years

Irrigation is just one of many things on a grower’s mind on any given day. This project investigates how growers make decisions about adopting agricultural water BMPs given the competition of other management areas for the same scarce resources.


What is the purpose of the project?
To help growers conserve irrigation water in vineyards and to better understand how growers think about and make decisions about irrigation. 

What size block can I have evaluated?
That depends. One irrigation set is evaluated. This may include several blocks, or it may consist of a single block. It's best to contact us to see if it will work for the project.

How long does the initial meeting take?
About 90 minutes.

Will I get a copy of the report?
Yes, you will receive both a hard copy and digital copy of the report.

I already know how to interpret a DU report. Can I have the DU report without meeting?
No. The information we need to collect for the project comes from the time we spend with you one-on-one.

How many follow-up phone calls will there be and how long will they last?
Some growers will be called every two to three months. The calls last five to fifteen minutes depending on what there is to talk about. Other growers will be called one year after the DU evaluation just to remind them they are still in the project. All growers will be called and asked to meet again at the end of the project (two years).

Besides DU tests, what else is involved with this project?
Vineyard Team will organize and distribute a number of educational tools (tailgates, fact sheets, articles, podcasts) related to irrigation management.

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Irrigation is just one of many things on a grower’s mind on any given day. To help growers conserve irrigation water in vineyards, Vineyard Team has launched a project to investigate how growers make decisions to adopt agricultural water BMPs.

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