Water Conservation Demonstrations

The Vineyard Team is committed to promoting water conservation practices through vineyard demonstration and educational outreach to growers. Demonstration of best management practices in local vineyards is a powerful tool for providing hands-on opportunities and practical how-to information to growers. 

Adoption of conservation practices by growers is the ultimate goal-  the Vineyard Team is actively monitoring changes in grower behavior as a result of educational demonstrations in local vineyards. For example, a tailgate meeting on March 12th, 2014 on the topic of using soil moisture sensors for irrigation scheduling resulted in the intention to adopt new water conservation practices by 65% of surveyed attendees.

The Vineyard Team will continue to demonstrate water conservation practices; we are committed to being a leader in this effort within the vineyard and surrounding communities.


Current Projects

Vineyard Irrigation Demonstration, Technical Assistance, and Outreach

Cost Share Program for Irrigation Evaluations

Cost Share Program for Flow Meters

Cover Crops and Water Conservation


Vineyard Team Publications

Using Soil Moisture Sensors for Vineyard Irrigation Management


Outreach & Education - Water Conservation

The Vineyard Team is a leader in outreach and educational programming that spans the Central Coast and beyond. Our  programs are designed to bring a balance of classroom and field activities to promote adoption of vineyard practices and technologies by growers. For a snapshot of upcoming programs on water conservation and vineyard technologies, visit our calendar of events.

Recorded Presentations on Water Conservation and Irrigation in Vineyards

Soil Moisture Monitoring for Vineyard Irrigation Management


Past Tailgate Meetings

Soil Moisture Monitoring for Vineyard Irrigation Management

Measuring and Managing Pump Station Efficiency

Paso Robles Ground Water Basin and Irrigation Management


Additional Water Conservation Resources

A compilation of resources on water conservation can be found on our resources page.