TODAY! Watch Sustainable Winegrowing Courses


Start learning today. The first of 30 courses on sustainable winegrowing are LIVE!

With only 24 minutes per week available for professional development (Deloitte), flexibility is key when it comes to growing your knowledge about sustainable winegrowing management techniques, resource issues, and legislation.

Good for Your Schedule

Over the next two years, we are creating a suite of 30 online courses so you can learn on-demand, when it fits into your schedule. Plus, each course includes a train-the-trianer kit so you can easily educate your team. 

Good for the Planet 

By learning online, you can quickly and effectively implement sustainable practices that enhance soil and water quality, conserve resources, and maintain wildlife habitat.

Good for Business

Education enhances the quality of life for all farmers and helps businesses grow. According to Forbes, “Every dollar invested in online training results in a $30 increase in productivity. Companies that use eLearning technology achieve an 18% boost in employee engagement.” And the part is, these courses are FREE for you to watch!

Ready to Get Started? 

These on-demand courses give you and your team access to up-to-date viticulture science, research, and grower-tested practices, without the added expenses of travel and conference fees. 

This incredible program is made possible by Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE). 

Participating is easy:

  1. Click SIGN UP below to learn on-demand through November 2024.

  2. Watch courses; pass the quiz; share new knowledge with 2+ colleagues.

  3. Share what you have learned in short surveys and at 2 virtual roundtables. 


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