Sign Up For Pre-Trend Irrigation Well Monitoring

NEW IN 2022: Preservation, Inc. will be performing the “Pre-Trend Irrigation Well Monitoring” that is required by Ag Order 4.0, on behalf of their members between March 1st and May 31st of 2022. They will also be performing Domestic Well monitoring and assisting with the required well-user notifications. Growers who are not members of Preservation, Inc. are also required by Ag Order 4.0 to perform this monitoring and reporting in 2022.

Growers can sign up for Pre-Trend Irrigation Well Monitoring and (if applicable) Domestic Well Monitoring after  January 15m 2022.  Upon collection of well sample(s), growers will be prompted to make a payment for the sample collection, lab analysis, and GeoTracker reporting costs.

While no commitments have been made by the Water Board at this time, it is our sincere hope that they will approve Preservation, Inc’s Groundwater Trend Monitoring Work Plan (forthcoming in 2023). If successful, this will result in our members having fewer samples to collect on an annual basis (with associated cost savings).

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