Sustainable Ag Expo

Learn about the two-day seminar highlighting the latest in farming research, resource issues, and business trends

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New Article: Berry Shrivel

Shriveled berries reduce yield and are of lower quality than healthy berries. The causes can be managed.

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New SIP Certified Vineyards this Fall

See upcoming deadlines for vineyard certification - year end reports are due to inspectors December 15

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Expo Exhibitor Registration Open

Register now - booths are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Vineyard Team members save!

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Powdery Mildew Spore Detection

Read about spore trapping, a promising new technology for the detection of airborne powdery mildew sporulation

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SIP Certified Receives Coveted Awards

SIP Certified wines two awards for its sustainable wine innovation - IPM Innovator & Int'l Green Industry Hall of Fame

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Vineyard Team

Promoting Sustainable Vineyard Practices

In the vineyard, we strive to protect the resources valuable to our farms and our communities. We are the Vineyard Team, a network of 300 local farmers, educating and guiding towards sustainable vineyard practices for 20 years.

Mission Statement

The Vineyard Team will identify and promote the most environmentally safe, viticulturally and economically sustainable farming methods, while maintaining or improving quality and flavor of wine grapes. The Team will be a model for wine grape growers and will promote the public trust of stewardship for natural resources.