Vineyard Irrigation

Vineyard irrigation best management practices promote water conservation and efficient irrigation. BMPs include irrigation start up, irrigation system evaluation, irrigation scheduling, and other best irrigation practices for vineyards.

Using Soil Moisture Sensors for Vineyard Irrigation irrigation best management practices, vineyard irrigation, bmp, water conservation, irrigation, drip systems, drip irrigationManagement

A Practical Guide for Installing and Interpreting Information from Soil Moisture Monitoring Technologies in Vineyards

Irrigation System Maintenance Tips - English

Handy tips for vineyard irrigation for pre, during and after season.

Mantenimiento del sistema de irrigacion. Previo, durante y despues de la estacion.


Jim Anshutz, Partner, AgH2O talks about vineyard irrigation system maintenance, technology, and efficiency.


Mark Greenspan, Ph.D., President and Viticulturist, Advanced Viticulture, Inc. shares his insights on irrigation scheduling, technology in the vineyard, and more.


Mark Greenspan Wine Business Monthly

Sometimes a series of short irrigations are better than one long irrigation.


Vineyard Team

Calculating the amount of water and Nitrogen applied to a vineyard are important for tracking inputs and improving efficiency. Required for SIP Certified vineyards and a helpful tool for any farmer, this workbook includes how to interpret soil and water analysis reports and how to calculate total water applied from irrigation, frost protection, and rainfall plus total nitrogen applied from fertilizer, compost, and water.


Tailgate: Vineyard Irrigation Maintenance in English & Spanish (Video)

Jacob Hernandez and Ben Burgoa Tailgate Meeting

This meeting brought together experts, boots-in-the-field irrigators, and vineyard managers to share their knowledge and experience with vineyard drip irrigation system maintenance and repair.


Irrigation is just one of many things on a grower’s mind on any given day. To help growers conserve vineyard irrigation water , Vineyard Team has launched a project to investigate how growers make decisions to adopt agricultural water BMPs.


Paul Crout, Vineyard Manager and Viticulturist at Vineyard Professional Services explains why keeping records of water and Nitrogen use in the vineyard is important and how to use that information to best manage your crop.


ITRC Publication

A list of questions you should discuss with your irrigation dealer before purchasing a vineyard irrigation system. This will help you make better decisions about system design options. You will also understand the obligations of both yourself and the dealer when designing your irrigation system.


Craig Macmillan, PhD

To make sure your vineyard irrigation system is going to operate as your expect it to, follow these steps before the irrigation season arrives.


Craig Macmillan, Ph.D.

Do cover crops deplete soil moisture enough during the winter and spring months to increase the amount of irrigation water required during the growing season? These two experiments suggest that the species of cover crop and when and how it is terminated do not have this effect.


Common DU Problems (Video)

Jacob Hernandez

Jacob Hernandez of JH Ag Consulting discusses some of the common problems that affect Distribution Uniformity scores in vineyards.


Jacob Hernandez

Jacob Hernandez of JH Ag Consulting discusses the effect plugged or poorly spaced emitters have on the uniform distribution of water across a vineyard.


Jacob Hernandez

Jacob Hernandez of JH Ag Consulting discusses the importance of flushing irrigation lines.


Jacob Hernandez

Jacob Hernandez of JH Ag Consulting discusses how to maintain a high Distribution Uniformity in a vineyard drip irrigation system.


Jacob Hernandez

Jacob Hernandez of JH Ag Consulting discusses the proper maintenance of sand media filters.


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